Passover Seder Take Out Menu –


Please be advised that according to Jewish law, all deliveries must be made by 4 PM on Monday, April 22. No deliveries can be made during the holiday. If you choose to pick up, you may pick up your Seder meals on Monday, April 22, any time between 1:00 PM and 4 PM.

4-course Seder Menu: $125 plus sales tax of 8.875%

The takeout menu only includes the menu items themselves. Matzah, Seder plates, grape juice, etc. can be added for additional fees below.

    Talia’s offers a full menu for takeout and delivery. Free delivery within 15-blocks radius. Otherwise, you may order an Uber to deliver your package. Call 212-580-3770 for details.

    Full, Four Course Seder Menu - $125

    Main Dish Only