Kosher For Passover Restaurant NYC


Talia’s is continuing our 21-year tradition of offering Glatt kosher for Passover food during Passover. We will be open for lunch and dinner during Yom Tov, Chol Hamoed. Make sure to enjoy our full-service Kosher for Passover bar.


Thursday, April 13, 2023 – Yom Tov Lunch and Dinner – CLOSED

Holiday Ends at 8:15 PM.

If you have difficulties making this payment online, feel free to call us at 212-580-3770 or by text at 917-217-3680 and we will take this payment over the phone. We need to know in advance the main courses you choose per person. Appetizers and desserts you can order on the spot at the table. If you would like to order wine or anything from the bar, we need to know that in advance too (see bar menu below). You can Mix N Match from the 2 menus mentioned above.

Talia’s offers a full-service bar. We do not allow bringing your own wines or liquors. No corkage fees. Please prepay for your wines or liquors before the holiday and/or YomTov /Shabbat.

The energy, romantic ambiance, and the Glatt Kosher For Passover gourmet cuisine at Talia’s Steakhouse make it the ideal NYC kosher restaurant to celebrate your holiday or Shabbat dinner.

Families, groups, and dates are all welcome.

Below is our wine, cocktails, and liquor list:

CLICK: Passover Bar MenuOnline Order

To read a few links about specific Jewish laws with respect to how to Kosherize your kitchen for Passover, please click HERE or HERE

NOTE: The above zemanim information is applicable to New York.
Talia’s proudly earned an “A” letter grade from the NYC Department of Health.
For further questions call 212-580-3770.
Menus are subject to change without notice.

Since Jewish law forbids the distribution of money on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, gratuity is banned. Talia’s Steakhouse’s catering servers are fully compensated for such religious events and/or for all on and off-premises catering, banquets, special prix fixe functions, and package deals.
Prices charged are all-inclusive and no part of the price is purported to be a gratuity. Only sales tax shall be added to the bill.

Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received.

Call 212-580-3770 to make a reservation and provide a credit card as well as entrée choices.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note, that prepayment is absolutely non-refundable. In any event that the guest cancels, or the guest’s group size shrinks, the guest shall not be entitled to any refund or credit even if the cancellation was made due to a change in plans, illness, the act of God, etc., or any reason whatsoever.

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