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Kosher catering services by Talia’s Steakhouse:

Talia’s proudly earned the “A” letter grade from the NYC Department of Health.

Talia’s provides on and off premises catering services for all types of Simcha and special events such as Private Party, Birthday, Engagement Party, Wedding Reception, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Brit Mila, Corporate or Business luncheons, Singles Events, School, Shul & Synagogue Functions and other special occasions. As a Manhattan kosher establishment for over ten years, Talia’s has gained substantial experience in the area of any type of catering services. Please review this page and feel free to contact us with any question you may have.


We can serve pancakes, waffles, eggs, bagels, etc. for breakfast, as well as any of the following items and more as requested.

Corned Beef
Chopped Liver
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad
Gelfite Fish
Potato Kugel
Chicken Nugget
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Cake
Coffee & Tea
None Alcoholic Beverage
Chalah Roll

Sandwiches and Wraps:

Talia’s offers a variety of sandwiches and wraps, including steak wraps, chicken caesar wraps, tuna sandwiches, and more.
Enjoy Talia’s mouth-watering burgers in your choice of two different sizes: 10 oz. or quarter pound. And, as featured on Fox News, you can even add our non-dairy American or mozzarella cheese to top it all off.

Appetizers and Salads:

Talia’s famous appetizers and salads will leave you wanting more of our delicious food. Whether you are vegetarian or like some meat with your vegetables, Talia’s is the way to go. Plus, you get to choose from three different specialty soups of the day.
Soup of the Day
Talia’s Garden Greens Salad
Middle Eastern Salad Platter
Thai Beef Salad
BBQ/Buffalo Wings
Hickory Smoked Salmon Salad
Combo Platter
Spinach & Apple Salad
Roasted Beet Salad
Falafel Platter

Side Dishes:

Try any of our delectable side dishes to compliment your meals.
French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed/Sauteed Vegetables
Steamed/Sauteed Spinach
Sauteed Mushrooms
Baked Potato
Onion Rings
Sauteed Onions
Basmati Rice
House Salad

Cold Cut Platters:

Talia’s can supply you with beautifully decorated cold cut platters, including but not limited to:
Corned Beef

Off the Grill Entrees:

Beef Stew
London broil
Ribeye Steak
Roasted Chicken (dark meat)
Lamb tagine
Moroccan Tilapia
Indian Chicken in a pot (white and dark meat)
Chicken Schnitzel

Off the Grill Platters:

Beef Stew with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $26/person
London broil with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $28/person
Ribeye Steak with French fries and steamed vegetables – $39/person
Duck with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables – $28/person
Roasted Chicken (dark meat) with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables – $14/person
Lamb tagine served over mashed potatoes – $32/person
Moroccan Tilapia with mashed potatoes and salad – $28/person
Soup (chicken-vegetable, matzo ball or potato-leek (check availability) – $4.95/pint
Indian Chicken in a pot (white and dark meat) with mashed potatoes – $28/person
Chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $22/person

Middle Eastern Specials:

Enjoy a little flavor of the Mediterranean and the Middle East from Talia’s.
Babaganoush – $13/lb
Beet salad – $13/lb
Greek eggplant with mushrooms – $13/lb
Coleslaw – $13/lb
Israeli salad – $13/lb
Tuna salad – $13/lb
Salad Platter
Combo Platter
Falafel Platter
Kebab Platter

By the lb:

Talia’s can cater your meals, charging by the pound or piece.
Hors D’Oeuvres and Appetizers
1) Chicken skewers – $4 per piece
2) Salmon skewers – $4 per piece
3) Beef Skewers – $4 per piece
4) Chicken Fingers – $3 per piece
5) Mini-Burger Patties – $3 per piece
6) Gefilte fish – $3 per piece
7) Talia’s Garden Greens Salad – $4 per person – family-style
8) Thai beef salad – $5 per person – family-style
9) Salmon salad – $5 per person – family-style
10) Chicken Wings (Buffalo or BBQ) – 0.75c per piece
11) Crudités with dill-mayo dip – $4/person
Middle-Eastern Salads:
1) Babaganoush – $13/lb
2) Beet salad – $13/lb
3) Greek eggplant with mushrooms – $13/lb
4) Coleslaw – $13/lb
5) Israeli salad – $13/lb
6) Tuna salad – $13/lb

Hors D’oeuvres:

Hors D’Oeuvres
While your guests are mingling prior to the dinner, it may be you may want to provide some finger food and wine.
Please choose two of the following five items:
1) 1 tray of grilled salmon skewers
2) 1 tray of chicken fingers
3) 1 tray of chicken skewers
4) 1 tray of burger patties
5) 1 tray of Middle Eastern Platter (hot sliced pita with hummus and babaganoush dips)
You will also enjoy 5 bottles (20 glasses) of house wine (white and red).
The above option of Hors d’oeuvre and wines is appropriate for twenty guests will be $380. Amounts of food and charges will change proportionally to the increase in number of guests.



There’s always room for dessert at Talia’s. Wash your meal down with any of the following:
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter – $4/person
Assorted Mini Petit Fours – $5/person
Chocolate Dome/Tiramisu (Individual Size Cake) – $6/person
Cookies – $1.50/person


Talia’s is stocked with a full bar. Enjoy a beer or any cocktail of your choice.
Sea Breeze 8
Vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice
Bay Breeze 8
Vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice
Bloody Mary 9
Our home made bloody Mary mix
Classic Margarita 10
Tequila, triple sec and sour mix
Cosmopolitan 10
Vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice
Strawberry Daiquiri 10
Rum, sour mix and fresh strawberries
Banana Daiquiri 10
Rum, sour mix and fresh bananas
Piña Colada 11
Rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice
Mojito 11
Rum, lime juice, club soda and mint
Sour Appletini, Blueberrytini or Chocolatetini 11
Vodka mixed with the flavor of your choice
Long Island Iced Tea 12
Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec and Coca Cola