Did you lose someone dear to you recently? Are you in the community of the Upper West Side of Manhattan? Are you in the need of a Minyan? If yes, Talia’s is here to help you in organizing a minyan and can donate basic food for the participants of the minyan.

Attending a shiva (observing a death in a Jewish home) is a true mitzvah. This mitzvah, or positive commandment, is to go to a house of mourning, to comfort the bereaved, and to assure that there will be a minyan. (ten Jews) The minyan recites the prayer for the deceased with the bereaved family and is one of the highest honors a person can do for another in the Jewish community.
It is not necessary that you know the deceased or the mourner for your presence to help in comforting the mourners as they grieve and heal.

The focus of a person attending a shiva minyan is to provide comfort and support for the mourner.
Rabbis are very clear that a visitor’s main job is “being there” for the mourner.
Visitors are not expected to say anything because there are no appropriate words to be said. It is traditional to bring food for the mourners.
Food represents life, and we embrace and talk of life in the face of death. It is not traditional to bring liquor, candy, or flowers. In addition it is customary to make a donation (tzedakah) to a charity in honor of the person who has passed away.

If you need assistance, please contact us at 212-580-3770 or info@taliassteakhouse.com. Talia’s also can cater a shiva for any amount of people.