Prix Fixe Brunch Group Party Menu – $42 per person – Prices charged are all inclusive (see details below).

  • *Unlimited soda, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and coffee & tea are included

Your group will receive a menu with the following:

Assorted muffins will be placed on the table before the meal for your guests to enjoy


Choice of 1 per person
Eggs any style, served with French fries or home fries
Grilled Chicken Kebab, served with French fries or home fries
Steak and Eggs, served with French fries or home fries
Salmon, Onion and Egg Frittata, served with French fries or home fries
Challah French Toast
Grilled Salmon Salad


Fruti Cocktail
Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea are included.
The cost of the above menu proposal will be $42 per person, plus 8.875% sales tax.
Should you request alcoholic beverages, wines, beers, and cocktails, we will open a tab for you.
You may choose to rent out the entire restaurant – approximately 75 seats. In such case the room charge is $1500 with a minimum guarantee of 70 guests. Bear in mind that renting the entire restaurant gives you exclusive use of the main dining area only, excluding the bar area and the outdoor cafe.
Otherwise, for a group less than 60 guests, i.e. between 15 and 55 guests, we will create a separated, designated, unenclosed section for your group.
If you choose to book Talia’s and lock the date for your party, we will require non-refundable deposit of 80% of the total estimated amount in advance.
In addition, Talia’s reserves the right to serve other customers who are not related to your party.

Hors D’Oeuvres
While your guests are mingling prior to the dinner, it may be you may want to provide some finger food and wine.

Please choose two of the following five items:

1 tray of grilled salmon skewers
1 tray of chicken fingers
1 tray of chicken skewers
1 tray of burger patties
1 tray of Middle Eastern Platter (hot sliced pita with hummus and babaganoush dips)

You will also enjoy 5 bottles (20 glasses) of house wine (white and red).

The above option of Hors d’oeuvre and wines is appropriate for twenty guests will be $380. Amounts of food and charges will change proportionally to the increase in number of guests.

In these tough financial times, everyone needs to be more prudent with their spending. With that in mind, Talia’s has created 3 great new, affordable, combo, group dining options that fit perfectly into almost anyone’s budget! The base price for each option is $35, $48, and $66 per person, subject to terms and conditions below. This options are perfectly applicable to corporate and social events alike, Sheva Brachot, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc.

If you want to upgrade the three options with Hors D’Oeuvres to be served prior to the event, please scroll to the bottom.