Enjoy the beautiful summer weather tonight at Talia’s large sidewalk cafe while cooling off with refreshing cocktails, smoothies or ice cold beer as you indulge in our delicious Glatt kosher steak, ribs & more.

Live music returns to Talia’s tonight after the Three Weeks break with the great James Gedeon. Check out a clip of James above.

Talia’s has live music every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday night.

Rosh Hashanah 2015
Sept. 13th to Sept. 15th

For almost 13 years Talia’s has been serving prepaid, prix fixe Rosh Hashanah lunch & dinner meals.
Bring your friends and family and enjoy Yom Tov meals under the sky at Talia’s outdoor cafe, weather permitting.

Since Jewish law allows cooking on Yom Tov, which doesn’t fall on Shabbat, you can indulge in a sizzling steak right off the grill while sipping mixed drinks from Talia’s full bar such as vodka cranberry, apple or chocolate martinis, cosmopolitans, etc.
For menus, prices and more info, click HERE.

Menu and prices subject to change.


Talia’s is open every Friday night for prepaid, prix fixe Shabbat dinners.

For menus and prices, click HERE

Malawach served with hard boiled egg and dips.

New Brunch Menu!
Talia’s serves brunch every Sunday from 11AM – 3PM.
Enjoy a unique combination of American classics suchs as steak & eggs, chicken & waffles, pancakes, etc. along with Middle Eastern favorites such as shakshouka, malawach (pictured above – flaky, fried pastry dough pancake) & more.

To view our new Glatt kosher brunch menu, click HERE.

To learn more, watch this short video.

The Venue
For over 12 years, Talia’s Steakhouse has continuously reinvented the strictly glatt kosher restaurant as a hip, modern place, where everyone will feel welcome: from Chabad and Satmer Chasidim to Modern Orthodox, secular Jews, the non-Jewish customers, and all other ethnic groups, Talia’s has something for everyone. With so many repeat customers and fans, it’s no wonder that Talia’s Steakhouse has built such a “Haute” reputation. As one customer puts it: “ You oughtta be the best, most progressive-still-frum place ever!”

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Talia’s Steakhouse & Bar
668 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Tel.: (212) 580-3770