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Various Media information about Talia’s Steakhouse, one of the best kosher restaurants in Manhattan

Watch this video to see what makes Talia’s Steakhouse one of the best kosher restaurants in Manhattan:

Talia’s proudly earned the “A” letter grade from the NYC Department of Health.

Read the latest article from The New York Post, Sunday, March 2, 2008:  Click Here

On April 6, 2012, CBS Broadcasting Inc. (CBS) – the major US commercial broadcasting television network – which operates a radio network and a portfolio of large market television and radio stations and which is considered to be the second largest broadcaster in the world behind the BBC - wrote an article, entitled “LATEST BEST OF NY – 6 Best Bets For Kosher Restaurants In New York”. CBS put Talia’s Steakhouse on the top of the list of these 6 Best Bets restaurants.

Read More: Click Here., which is one of the largest online resource website in the world, put Talia’s Steakhouse, as number 4, on the list of: “Top 10 New York City Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner”.

Read More: Click Here.

Koshertopia, a popular site of the kosher marketplace wrote the following article:

Talia’s Steakhouse – A Fantastic Dining Experience:

Talia’s Steakhouse has become not only a staple restaurant for Upper West Siders, but has become very popular as a destination spot for those all around the Tri-State area. The draw is very apparent from the moment you arrive. The numerous sidewalk tables provide great seating on a nice summer evening. And the interior was dim and comfortable, albeit a bit plain. Read more: Click Here.

Read a review from NYBluePrint here.

Watch a Special Fox 5 News Report from March 2, 2008


According to the Jewish Press‘ weekly “Kosher Tidbits” from Dec 24:

“Last week the topic of discussion was the kosher cheeseburger found on the menu at Talia’s Steakhouse. Made with soy cheese and supposedly grilled to perfection, they say it’s a must try for those who have spent their years wondering what all the fuss was about.”

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