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Sampler of kosher catering by Talia’s chef

Talia’s proudly earned the “A” letter grade from the NYC Department of Health.

We offer a large selection of homemade American and Middle-Eastern Specialties that will appeal to almost anybody’s taste. Sample items and pricing below. Please keep in mind we can customize your menu to fit any taste or budget. Items can be served in individual portions or family-style. Kid’s menu is available.

Hors D’oeuvres and Appetizers
1. Chicken skewers – $4 per piece
2. Salmon skewers – $4 per piece
3. Beef Skewers – $4 per piece
4. Chicken Fingers – $3 per piece
5. Mini-Burger Patties – $3 per piece
6. Gefilte fish – $3 per piece
7. Talia’s Garden Greens Salad – $4 per person – family-style
8. Thai beef salad – $5 per person – family-style
9.Salmon salad – $5 per person – family-style
10.Chicken Wings (Buffalo or BBQ) – 0.75c per piece
11.Crudités with dill-mayo dip – $4/person

Middle-Eastern Salads:
1.Babaganoush – $13/lb
2.Beet salad – $13/lb
3.Greek eggplant with mushrooms – $13/lb
4.Coleslaw – $13/lb
5.Israeli salad – $13/lb
6.Tuna salad – $13/lb

1.Beef Stew with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $26/person
2.London broil with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $28/person
3.Ribeye Steak with French fries and steamed vegetables – $39/person
4.Duck with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables – $28/person
5.Roasted Chicken (dark meat) with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables – $14/person
6.Lamb Tagine served over mashed potatoes – $32/person
7.Moroccan Tilapia with mashed potatoes and salad – $28/person
8.Soup (chicken-vegetable, matzo ball or potato-leek (check availability) – $4.95/pint
9.Indian Chicken in a pot (white and dark meat) with mashed potatoes – $28/person
10.Chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes and Mesclun salad – $22/person
11.Spinach & Green Apple Salad with toasted walnuts – $14/person

1.Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter – $4/person
2.Assorted Mini Petit Fours – $5/person
3.Chocolate Dome/Tiramisu (Individual Size Cake) – $6/person
4.Cookies – $1.50/person